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At Borrell Electric Company, we take pride in the work we do and the people we do it with.  Our team consists of a fully trained staff of certified electrical technicians equipped with the latest tools and newest technology.  For nearly 75 years, we’ve serviced the Tampa Bay area’s multifaceted electrical needs and maintained a 100% safety record with zero unscheduled outages.

With each new project, our managers are involved from start to finish.  Over the past thirty years, we’ve perfected our method of operation and found that this involved practice fosters a positive work environment fueled by open communication and energetic teamwork.  We have extensive experience working with engineers during the project design stage and pride ourselves in our ability to work effectively as a team and with our clients to solve complex electrical issues.

At the end of the day, our company environment and hardworking team are what separate us from the competition.  Our employees are highly experienced, integral members of the community who have a vested interest in providing the best solution possible.

Our History

Borrell Electric Company was founded in 1947 as an electrical service and contracting business.  During the 1960s, the company was incorporated and began operations as Borrell Electric Co., Inc.  At the time, the company was primarily involved in electrical maintenance.  However, in 1971, the company purchased the assets of Bigby Electric Co., a Tampa business that had been around since 1926.  From this point on, the company expanded its field of knowledge to include new construction and other related subsets.

In 2004, Borrell Electric Company was purchased by long-time employees, James Smith and Carlos Menendez.  Under the direction of Smith and Menendez, the basic philosophy of the company remains unchanged from Borrell’s original goal to maintain a strong service organization that provides proficient and reliable service to its customers.