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Bayfront Generator Building

The Bayfront Medical Center Electrical System Infrastructure Upgrades Project was developed to consolidate the facilities on site power generation, and provide complete redundancy for the entire facility. The project includes a new Generator Building, a new Substation Building that is a structural addition to existing facility, and re-feeding the existing facility’s affected electrical panels. The hospital is added two (2) new 2.5 MW Caterpillar Generators with ASCO Paralleling Switchgear to back up the facility, along with three (3) new 5kV substations. The new generators were isolated in their own building approximately two blocks away from the facility. Borrell Electric successfully installed a 5KV underground distribution system from the Generator Building to the facility utilizing multiple manholes and load break terminations all while minimizing the impact of the facilities service roads. This project is facilitated through an Integrated Project Delivery Method where Borrell Electric delivering the project as the Prime Contractor. The total project value is approximately $15,000,000.00, and the final tie of the new electrical infrastructure of this project was completed in December 2014. 


The Bayfront Medical Center’s electrical system consisted of various utility transformers and six generators scattered around the campus. The on-site generation was sized just big enough to meet code. The Owner pursued this project to upgrade their electrical system infrastructure, consolidate their power generation into one central location on site, and be able to carry the mechanical, life safety, and essential load in the event of a power failure.


The Bayfront Medical Center Electrical System Infrastructure Upgrade Project was delivered under the Integrated Project Delivery Method. Borrell was hired as the Prime Contractor to work together with the engineers, architect, and owner to develop a solution to address the Owner’s needs. Together the IPD Team designed a system to exceed the Owner’s expectations through a redundant power generation system capable of supporting the entire load of the hospital. This system will be delivered under the Owner’s budget for the project, and be completed six (6) years ahead of the original schedule. 

This project was unique in the fact that we were hired to perform the general contracting services. During the preconstruction phase, we did a complete material take-off for the entire project, and sought bids for the general contracting portion of the work. While we elected to hire a third party to deliver the general contracting scope of work, Borrell is licensed as an unlimited general contractor and is capable of building any size building. We recommend that all similar projects where the majority of the scope of work is electrical that Borrell be hired to perform the work turn-key. Had a general contractor that doesn’t self-perform electrical work been hired for this project, the project costs would have been $750,000.00 or 5% higher.

Project Location:
St. Petersburg, Florida

Project Status:

HKS Architects, Inc.

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

General Contractor:
Borrell Electric Co, Inc.

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