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Sarasota Memorial Center Energy Plant

The Sarasota Memorial Hospital Central Energy Plant (CEP) was constructed to update an aging mechanical and electrical infrastructure, as well as provide space for a new patient bed tower. This structure is located in the heart of a residential zone in downtown Sarasota. The hospital, design team, and contractors worked diligently to meet all the needs of the hospital, while accommodating the concerns of the local resident. One concern, in particular, that influenced the construction of the CEP was the noise that the new plant would emit. To alleviate the public’s concerns, a massive sound attenuation system was installed, which virtually, eliminated all noise outside of the building. The construction of the Sarasota Memorial CEP completed in October 2009, and the new plant began feeding the hospital at this time.

The Sarasota Memorial Hospital was completed based on the integrated project delivery method. During the preconstruction phase, Borrell reduced the electrical budget by $2,500,000.00. Borrell started the electrical installation in June 2008 with a contract value of approximately $14,500,000.00. The installation included (5) 2 MW generators, paralleling switchgear, and (4) automatic transfer switches. The (5) generators re-feed the existing electrical infrastructure within the hospital as well as the new patient tower through a 5KV underground distribution system containing 4”–6” PVC, rigid metallic conduit, (4) 9’ x 9’ manholes, and a number of load break terminations. In order to ensure that the hospital maintained power with an emergency backup replacement, Borrell had to have (16 shutdowns within the hospital. Borrell successfully completed all change-over without losing power to the existing hospital, passed all AHCA inspections, and mitigated infectious control risks in the existing hospital.


Prior to the commencement of this project, The Sarasota Memorial Hospital had plans to expand the size of the hospital. One of the problems that they encountered and the reason that this project was completed was their existing on-site power generation only had enough capacity to back up the existing life safety and emergency power systems. 


Borrell Electric performed both preconstruction and construction services for this project. During preconstruction, Borrell Superintendent’s traced every feeder in the hospital, and helped devise a plan to re-feed the existing panels from the new Central Energy Plant. The new CEP project added 10,000,000 watts of on-site power generation, which provided 100% redundancy to the entire facility’s electrical infrastructure. The CEP also included a new vault fed by dual utility loops. During this project, we coordinated with Florida Power and Light to install the dual feeds. The new Central Energy Plant exceeded the hospital’s objective by providing several means of redundancy that would take care of the facility’s energy needs in the event of a power failure. 

This project was also unique because we performed a complete test of the system by dropping both utility feeds. This required the most extensive coordination that we have ever experienced in every project. We spent several months coordinating with each department to ensure that everyone was aware of the process to test the system. The test was successful, and it provided the hospital with 100% confidence in their new electrical infrastructure.


Project Location:
Sarasota, Florida

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Gresham Smith and Partners, Inc.

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

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Skankska USA Building

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